Wild-Caught Seafood: One of the perks of being in Florida!

Wild Ocean Seafood has been an Audubon Park Community Market staple for a few years now.  This family-owned business has brought fresh, wild-caught seafood to Central Florida for generations.  At the market, they’ve taught a lot of us (including me!) all there is to know about seafood in Florida.  They specialize in shrimp – fresh, local, and never from a farm – but they also carry a lot of great fish, beyond your run-of-the-mill grouper or mahi.  I never knew I liked mullet until they came to the market.  Visit them to learn about what is available when, how to cook it, and what to serve it with.

In the coming months, Wild Ocean will be opening a retail location at the East End Market.  The video below was produced in time to promote that upcoming venture.  Until then, Audubon Park Community Market is the only place you can buy their fresh goodies.