Thank you for Nearly 4 Years of Tasty Goodness!

This week and next are your last chances to enjoy Big Wheel Provisions at the market before they go on summer hiatus.  Those of you who are fans have already heard that Chef Tony Adams will spend the summer as Head Chef of Company of the Cauldron in Nantucket.  Their final Orlando event before they leave will be the market on April 15th.  I’m honored that they are making the market their finale, after nearly 4 years of being an Audubon Park Community Market fixture.  Over the years, Tony and his team at Big Wheel have made local food the stars, showing us new ways to eat and enjoy seasonal food from Florida artisans and farmers.  So with only 2 markets to go until a summer without Big Wheel, I want to say thank you.  Thank you to Tony Adams, Leah Mojer, and the Big Wheel Provisions team for making local food a delicious priority!
The little video up top is from a couple of years ago, featuring market patrons sharing the love.  And here are some of our photos of Big Wheel over the years: