Where to Park?

Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of new traffic at the market, and that makes us very happy!  But it also means that it’s probably time to refresh everyone on parking.  There are lots of places to park in the neighborhood, but there are some places where YOU WILL GET A TICKET of GET TOWED!  For instance, if you park on the side of Winter Park Road anywhere north of ABC liquors, you will get a ticket.  If you park at ABC liquors, you will get towed.  We don’t want your night of local goodness to be ruined by a parking ticket or a towed car, so we want to make sure you know where to park. We’ve worked with the Audubon Park Garden District to put out a map of places where you may legally park (all within VERY close walking distance of the market) during market hours.
Parking in the Garden District

Of course, there is always plenty of bicycle parking, and we love that some many of our neighbors can walk to the market.  Which reminds us, the Audubon Park Market takes place in a community where people work and live, so please be mindful of our residential neighbors as you park.