New Vendor: Lake Catherine Blueberries

Tonight will be the first night at Audubon Park Community Market for Lake Catherine Blueberries.  This blueberry and citrus farm has been in farmer Dustin Lowe’s family for over 100 years (first as a citrus grove, and more recently with blueberries).  Dustin and his wife Jamie run the farm with their family, opening it to the public for u-pick when the berries are in full swing.  I drove out there with Heather (A Local Folkus‘ and East End Markets‘ Communications Guru) to check the place out and get to know the growers.  We hopped into a snazzy Green Gator and drove around the property with them, seeing the lovely sights on the shore of Lake Catherine. We had an absolutely lovely visit on the farm, and we are excited to invite another wonderful family farm to the market.
Be sure to visit and get to know them yourselves, at the market tonight!  In the meantime, here are some photos from our visit!