Want to Treat Your Pup? Chews Naturally

If you have ever had the pleasure of living next to a massive chicken processing plant you may have noticed that some days the stream of smoke pouring out into the sky is accompanied by the distinct odor of dog food. That’s because most of the low-grade stuff is in fact made from animal bi-product. The sweepings of a broiler house don’t seem like much of a treat. So while you’re at the market picking up local meats and fresh vegetables for yourself, why not throw a bone to your best buddy and hook her/him up with delicious treats, freshly made from scratch without the preservatives, sugar, and salt.

Sarah Chadges first discovered her love for making gourmet dog treats making them in college as Christmas gifts for family friends. After graduating she drafted a business plan, moved to Central Florida and started Chews Naturally.

Using whole wheat eggs and rolled oats as a base, Sarah typically uses only 5 ingredients to make the kind of treats dogs flip over. The trick is the care that goes into preparing them.

For instance chicken & beef treats are crafted with a home-made stock, taking up to 12 hours to produce. Liver is pureed and these become the base for carnivorous treats.

Chews Naturally also uses fresh fruits and veggies for plant-based alternatives, not to mention peanuts ground and slow-roasted to perfection. If this all sounds too scrumptious let us remind you we are still talking about dog treats (although they are fit for human consumption!)

Wheat-free treats are made with rice flour and the dried sweet potato sticks are great for any pups on a grain-free diet. ‘Gluten-free and Paleo? They’re just dogs?’ you might say. But for Sarah they’re not just the recipients of her products, they are family members.

“You wouldn’t want to feed your child just
anything without checking the ingredients,” Sarah says. “To me, my dogs (past and present) are my children, so I make sure they eat right and are healthy.”

Sarah’s black lab/pit mix Jorja no doubt eats right, enjoying baby carrots and all the treats that did not bake to Chews Naturally standards.

You’d think such gourmet K-9 fare would cost an arm & a leg. Don’t fret: you can pick up Chews Naturally treats every Monday night for a fair price and – best of all – they are fresh!

If not, there are always the leftovers from the chicken plant, bricked and set on shelves for months on end. Yikes.