From the Wild Ocean to Audubon Park

In Central Florida we enjoy delicious local produce year-round. Still too few of us look outward and enjoy the bounty offered by our coastal waters. Juicy flakes of Tilefish. Buttery Royal Red Shrimp. Savory Mullet. These delicious & nutritious proteins don’t require a lot of frills, nature already put everything you need into them. And Wild Ocean, one of the last independent fish houses on Florida’s Atlantic coast can do all the prep work for you.

The best part:  You don’t have to drive to Titusville to get it; fresh wild-caught seafood comes to Audubon Park every Monday!

Display Case at Wild Ocean Market in Titusville. While on a daytrip to the coast, visiting the wildlife refuge or Playalinda Brewing Company, stop by Wild Ocean to enjoy lunch from their delicious in-house menu.

Consumers often worry that cooking fish can be difficult, but in many cases, all it takes it a little salt, pepper and olive oil with a few minutes of oven-broiling and you’ve got a gourmet meal on your hands.

Need some advice? Fishmonger Cinthia is a whiz with shucking and/or fillet knives, and can split & clean shrimp in a split second. She’s happy to walk you through your seafood endeavors. Additionally, she has the latest fashion tips when rocking cast nets and bedazzled tees.

Ocean Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl

In the end the only real fashion blunder is falling victim to the cheaper, unsustainable straits of the seafood industry. Instead of the the farm-raised tilapia shipped in from thousands of miles away, opt for the wild fish plucked from the schools coursing along our beautiful Floridian shores. It tastes better, it’s fresher, it’s more considerate to the truly wild ocean we’re ensconced in on this lovely peninsula.

Currently in season there is Flounder, Royal Reds, Canaveral Whites & Brown Shrimps, Mahi, Vermillion Snapper, Whiting, Oysters and Scrumptious Rock Shrimp. Pre-order your seafood to ensure that you get everything you want. Call before 4pm on Mondays ( 321-269-1116 ) or email fishmonger Cinthia: Pick-ups are from 6pm-8pm.

If you call between March 2nd – 9th, mention this post and receive $5 off on a $30 purchase at the Audubon Park Community Market in front of Stardust on Winter Park Road.

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