Ice Cream Sandwiches Made From Scratch



Our discovery of Midnight Sun Ice Cream Truck has us flying pretty high, above all the steamy temps and in the cool clouds of hand-made, quality treats. They are at the market tonight with Vanilla Bean ice cream in between double chocolate chip cookies, Rose pistachio ice cream with WA cherries on cardamom shortbread cookies, Lavender lemonade ice cream on shortbread cookies. The list goes on, and yes, it’s all just as breathtaking.


Here’s what you should know about Midnight Sun: 

They Do it Right: All of their ingredients are handmade with the exclusion of the flour (because they’re not trying to mill all day. They’ve quite a bit on their plate as it is).

They do use organic flour, local eggs and seasonal ingredients – currently they’re working with Heart of Christmas Organic Blueberries the results of which you will see tonight!

Crazy Fraiche: All baked goods are done just hours before service, ice cream is scooped and sandwiched to order.


Science Says: Their Monday Sundae is exclusive to the Audubon Park Farmers’ Market and intrinsically superior to a sundae consumed on a Sunday.


Running Down a Dream: Owners Levi & Jocelyn met in Gainesville, moved to San Diego working as the chef and manager of a Restaurant. Levi is a seasoned Chef/Pastry Chef from Alaska. Jocelyn’s a local gal hailing from Melbourne.


The Brand: It’s a reference to Levi’s birth state of Alaska which is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun (Days can be both exceptionally long and short over there, depending on the time of year). Alaska also boasts the highest per capita Ice Cream consumption in the U.S., who knew? The anvil on their logo represents the old-fashioned way of doing things. Given their efforts to make all-ingredients by hand from praline to vanilla extract to butterscotch to marshmallows and fudge, I think we can safely call them “iced-cream-smiths.”


In Their Own Words: “Ice cream has always been a
big part of our lives, both professionally and personally,” says Jocelyn.

“We are really proud of Orlando’s push for locally owned businesses and locally-produced food in particular…The Audubon Park Market is the
perfect representation of the great products and services produced locally and
it has been a favorite of ours for a while now. It feels great to be a part of it,
to be contributing to it.”

Don’t miss out on the Monday Night Magic in front of Stardust from 6-10pm!