How Market All-Star Nicole Weathered The Storm

A lot of folks thought setting up Farmers’ Market with the remnants of a hurricane just over the horizon was foolhardy. Even more folks decided to stay in last Monday when the storm surges brought an inordinate amount of rain to Central Florida. As you may have noticed, Audubon is a rain or shine kind of market, so major props to the vendors that show up despite the conditions. Even greater praise to the local food warriors, who brave the elements to get their groceries week in, week out.

Last Monday, well into the second hour of punching fast growing water pockets from tent tops, we were only a little surprised to see regular market customer, Nicole show up with her tote bag and perpetual smile. It reminded us why we put on the market , even in the face of impending tent destruction, so this week we decided to ask Nicole what brings her out to the market every week, hell or highwater.


Asking this in the nicest way possible: What were you thinking coming to the market last Monday?


I don’t usually check the weather forecasts [Our kind of gal!] so I had no idea of the imminent torrential downpour. When I left for the market it was just sprinkling, but there was no turning back since I must keep my little kefir grains alive. Richard [Heart of Christmas] is always there, rain or shine, and has some awesome raw dairy, cheese, and eggs! [For the uninitiated, kefir grains are used to make a fermented milk full of beneficial bacteria and yeast, providing a lot of good probiotics similar to kombucha.]


Was the trip worth it? It must have been a treacherous pass.


I’m always pleasantly surprised. My kefir grains aren’t the only ones that have to eat so it wouldn’t be too big of stretch to say going to the market is a matter of life and death [chuckles]...I do most of my grocery shopping at the market and Fresh 24.


What are your favorite items to pick up each week?

I love Enamored With Nature by Amanda Dumas, especially her fire cider, homemade vanilla extract, natural toothpaste, and deodorant…Love Lori’s local honey from St. Johns River Honey and of course Andrei’s coconuts at Natural Goodness. Michelle from Orenda Herbals is a relatively new, lovely face, and Dan always has amazing produce, but I haven’t seen him in a while.


Tonight, Labor Day! Come see what Nicole sees in our little collection of local food producers and artisanal makers. Market takes place from 6-10pm. We can all but assure you that it won’t be as wet as last week ;)