Bamapana Vintage: Quality Threads Stand the Test of Time

Pickles and Blazers. That’s about it when it comes to old items for sale at Audubon Market. Everything else is as fresh as you can find – usually harvested days prior and/or made the day of. But hey –  don’t sweep those pickles and blazers beneath the rug. Just because they weren’t put to full use in their heyday, doesn’t mean they can’t be born anew under the watch of a careful, discerning eye.

Pickles, after all, are just vintage vegetables you bring to potlucks to one-up your friend who simply brought a cucumber salad with fresh tomatoes, salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar – okay that sounds rad, too.

At any rate, the folks at Ozark Dreams have you covered in the pickle department – delicious local produce brined and aged to sweet, spicy perfection.

That’s taken care of – Now, who is curating the coolest old-school threads?

Peter Von Taborsky brings us Bamapana Vintage…


Where did the name come from?

It’s an Australian Demi-God of mischief. He was kicked out of his tribe for doing a bunch of horrible things, but he would just sneak back into the camp, wreak havoc and blame it on everyone else. In retrospect I probably should’ve thought of something else. But it was my email address since the 90’s so I just decided to keep it.


How did you get into clothing resale?

As far as selling. I had sold clothes since the 90’s, I would sell band T-shirts, stuff like that. It was a fun way to supplement income and then it kind of fell to the side. A couple years ago, my wife told me I need to get rid of some of the stuff. It was all super cool stuff. I started putting it up online, making semi-decent money. At the time I had a cleaning business that was starting to go south, because of the economy. So in the last year, I made more money with Bamapana than I ever did with my cleaning business. It’s something I love to do, even though I’m not getting rich.



What does wearing vintage clothing do for one’s confidence?

If you’re getting married tomorrow and you said you needed a suit. I would say go vintage. It’s close to fitting, and it doesn’t look like you bought it at the mall. You can bring it to a tailor and it’s going to fit you like a glove. You’re going to be bulletproof.


What has been your proudest moment as owner of Bamapana Vintage?

I picked up this suit that was green corduroy; It was from the 1970’s based on the research I did. It has a 5” lapel which was super huge. I sold it to a guy who was from Ireland and he moved to Sweden to get married. He wrote me an email, he was like, “I love this suit. My fiance loves it. It’s going to fit great. I’m getting married in it is there anyway you can sell me the tie that’s in the picture?” – The tie wasn’t for sale yet. I paid a quarter for the tie. So I wrote him back, ‘Tell you what: I’m going to give you the tie, it’s a wedding present and he wrote me the nicest letter back about how this is the suit he dreamed of getting married it in. [The tie was purchased around the corner at men’s store that was in the Fashion Square plaza. The original owner retired and sold it before he passed in ‘98] It hung there until I purchased it. Now it’s going to be in this guy’s wedding in Sweden. I LOVE that! It’s going to get a second life you know.


Is it being a vintage clothing aficionado, finding steals and letting them go?

I wanted to keep this Run DMC shirt. It’s shirt that I picked up recently; it was apart of a limited series, each included a lyric from, I wanna say, Run’s House? I would’ve definitely kept that, but this person in California really wanted it. A lot of the times I’ll see something and it just needs to be rescued… I love the fact that I can walk into a thrift store and drop a couple hundred bucks knowing that we’re going to get the money back. And I like the fact that something my wife was kind of leery of, she now thinks is fun. We love going out thrifting.