The Salsa & The Glory

Isle of Salsa products may be sampled every Monday from 6-10pm.

Isle of Salsa products may be sampled every Monday from 6-10pm.

While the controversy swirls about and a heap of dreams hangs in the balance, the only thing that really matters this Superbowl Sunday is who comes out on top. But be forewarned: it’s not just the gridiron goliaths grappling over a pigskin that stand to lose or gain everything. Party-going spectators could also find themselves wallowing in defeat, wading through a mushy trough of mass-produced Pace Picante.

This year, move the chains in your favor and opt for a fresh & delicious, hand-crafted salsa from local artisan maker Isle of Salsa. Chief Salsa Head, Gerard Martinez, started the business in 2011 and ever since then Isle of Salsa has sold its fresh, crafted, gourmet salsas, condiments, and hummus at Farmers’ Markets across Central Florida, as well as selling to supermarkets, gourmet specialty food shops, and area restaurants .

Previous to starting Isle of Salsa, Gerard had worked for many years in the financial services industry but wanted to get back to the food business, something he had been involved in after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans.

In addition to making wildly creative and super-legitimate salsas, Isle of Salsa also churns out some fantastic flavors through their chimichurri line. A traditional Argentinian grilling sauce, chimichurri takes already tender, juicy slow cooked cuts of meat to another level.  Fresh and flavorful it feels like South American sunshine on the tongue. Not only good for marinades and dressings, this fresh, authentic sauce will serve as a nice garnish to almost any meal, especially at breakfast over eggs, avocado, chorizo and tortillas for those looking to kick off the day with a bang.

“Argentina Chimichurri is as ubiquitous as ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce all rolled into one,” Gerard says. “You can’t have a BBQ without it, and BBQ is a big deal down there.”

Different regions have different styles of sauce, Martinez adds, and most families have their own recipes that are passed down through the generations. Isle of Salsa’s green chimichurri recipe was passed down to Gerard by his mom and is representative of the Buenos Aires area and the Pampas region, using lots of garlic. The chimichurri rojo (red) is a recipe typical of the Northwest Andean provinces between the wine region and the Bolivian border, and it is spicy and smoky.

With the Superbowl coming this Sunday, Isle of Salsa is holding a “Super Salsa Sunday Contest”. If you sign up for the Isle of Salsa newsletter by Friday 1/30/2015 you will be entered to win a salsa and chips party package valued at $50. Just visit their facebook page at isleofsalsa to sign up or enter this QR barcode into your smart phone and it will take you to the  the newsletter sign up page.

Remember: this Sunday with good sauce on your side, how can you lose?

Scan this QR Code to sign up for the Isle of Salsa newsletter and enter to win a Super Salsa & Chips party package ($50 Value!). Or Follow this link.

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In the meantime watch this vid to get pumped about the ultimate Sports League Meet taking place this Sunday. For in-depth information on the traditions & lore surrounding ‘The Big Game’ visit Audubon Park’s resident NFL Historian, Tipso Lothrop every week at the Monday night market in front of Stardust Video & Coffee.