La Vie En Rose: Living the #FlourLife

Flour Life sets up at the Audubon Market every Monday from 6pm-10pm

If you’ve ever broken the crispy, fragile crust of a French Macaron between your teeth you understand it’s a pretty unreal treat. They look almost plastic, ornamental, so the moment when someone first tells you they are edible it’s an emotional roller coaster. Then when you find out they are made from little more than almond flour, sugar, butter and egg whites you start to question the integrity of the person selling them to you. However it turns out they are in fact a delicious confection comprised of simple ingredients, made transcendent by baking prowess.


Georgie Roberts takes that experience to all of her baking at Flour Life. With a desire to do a good job and an exceptional baking pedigree she left the world of big business to pursue her passion.

“I started baking at a very young age with my French Grandma who owned a Patisserie in the center of Paris,” Georgie says. “My mom also has been a great teacher as she was trained at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. Food is a passion that runs in my family and comes with my French heritage. After completing my MBA at Rollins and working in Corporate America, which did not fulfil me, I decided to combine my two passions: baking and business.”


Roberts’ mastery of macarons was no cake walk, as it were. She offers a few words of wisdom for those looking to walk down that path.

“The first time I tried making French Macarons I think I was 14 or so and it was a total disaster as is to be expected on your first attempt,” Georgie recalls. “There is a learning curve with Macarons and I still don’t always get it right even after having baked thousands of them. They’re such a finicky pastry requiring a lot of patience and determination. To anyone that would like to make them, I would say don’t give up, know your oven (get a thermometer), don’t over mix your batter. And don’t undermix it either. You have to get it just right. It’s definitely a challenge but well worth the effort.”


At Flour Life customers can purchase the culinary crowns and a wide variety of artisanally baked goods, including cupcakes, madeleines, whoopie pies, petits fours, as well as cakes and pies in numerous incarnations.


Georgie also specializes in custom-made cakes for all occasions. Don’t hesitate to inquire at in order to find a beautiful & delicious, made from scratch cake perfect for your special little one’s Disney-themed party or even a Super Bowl party.

This year buy from your thoughtful, practiced neighbors at Flour Life and taste the difference of hand-crafted, artisanal desserts!

Order custom cakes for all occasions including the Superbowl, just a couple weeks away.