04.15.2019 - At the Market Tonight


Last week we weathered some unexpected rain at the market, but we were impressed as always by the awesome and supportive turnout we had!  This week, the rain brought us some beautiful afternoon weather, which is leading right into a gorgeous market evening.  Chef Jes Tantalo is back tonight with her chicken wing pop up, rounding out the tasty dining options from Avenue A Eatery, Spice Affair, Noo Cow, and Stardust.  

We're also welcoming back Gaia Granola, Oxx Beekeeping, and Lyle Lane, so be sure to stock up on the goodies we missed out on last week! 

Hope to see you tonight!


Gabby Lothrop 
Market Director

Here's our vendor lineup for tonight:  

Aller-Friendly Eats 
Handcrafted allergen-conscious foods made without wheat, gluten, or soy.  Vegan and nut-free options available.  

Avenue A Eatery 
Handmade, Colombian Vegan Eats. (Website/Instagram)

Azalea Acres Farm
Pastured, free-range chicken; fresh eggs; and assorted fresh vegetables; all raised and grown in Osteen. (Website/Facebook)

Barefoot Farmer
Fresh-picked veggies from a multi-generational family farm in Samsula. 

Chef Jes Tantalo
This week Chef Jes is bringing back the Chicken Wing Popup! (Instagram)

Enamored with Nature
Wholesome Body Care and Wellness Support. Handmade small batch well sourced non-toxic and effective products.  (Facebook/Instagram)

Fleet Farming
A hyper-local, bike-powered urban farming program with a small-scale distributed agriculture system.  (Facebook/Instagram)

Gaia Granola 
Gourmet granola in various flavors, made with all-organic, high quality, unrefined ingredients for the best nutrition and taste. Packaged minimally for on-the-go, travel-sized snacking. (Facebook/Instagram)

Greenworks Orlando 
Welcome the first phase of the City of Orlando’s new public food waste drop off program! For a 12-week period, they are piloting food scrap collection stations at select farmers markets around town. Can’t compost at home? Bring your food waste (dairy, meat and bones included!!) to the market and learn about the kitchen recycling services available for free to @thecitybeautiful City of Orlando residents.

Heart of Christmas Farm
Hydroponic veggies, raw milk and raw milk cheeses, local honey, and more. (Facebook)

Huckleberry Hill Farm & Nursery *SEASONAL
Fresh-picked blueberries grown in Polk County and brought to market by farmer Hunter Thompson. (Facebook)

John's Kimchi 
Varieties of handcrafted kimchi, made with attention to the finest details.  (Website)

Katinka's Nourishing Kitchen
Grain-free breads and mixes, wellness products, and more from Culinary Nutrition Expert Katinka Bencs. (Website)

Little Dove Kitchen 
Chef Lydia's re-launch of her Butchershop Baker concept, with traditional sourdough and other breads, pastries, and other baked treats. 

Lyle Lane Cosmetics
Handmade body care products and more. 

Nearby Naturals 
Gourmet mushrooms grown just a few miles from the market! (Instagram)

New Growth Urban Farm
A multi-site urban Orlando farm, specializing in big growing in small spaces. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Noo Cow 
Dairy-free ice cream and other vegan-friendly goods, including Jamaican patties.

Orlando City Kombucha 
Locally-brewed, high quality kombucha available by the glass and in refillable bottles & growlers. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Oxx Beekeeping 
Honey-touched skincare and self-care products, raw honey, and hive management. (Website/Facebook)

Second Breakfast 
Gluten-free foods, local rare fruit, jams and preserves, edible plants. (Facebook)

Semilla Nativa 
Artisan producers of pesto, muffins, pancake mixes, and other products; focused on natural ingredients, vegan- and gluten-free options.  (Facebook)

Spice Affair 
Homemade Indian food made with carefully-selected ingredients (Website)

The Proper Pickle 
A variety of handmade pickles hand-packed on site.  (Facebook/Instagram)

Wild Ocean Seafood
Wild-caught seafood, fresh from Florida's waters. Pre-orders only; check in with their booth to get in the loop. (Facebook/Instagram)

Send Your Sweet Tooth to Valhalla

The Valhalla crew ready for vegan battle.

When she’s not baking delicious vegan cupcakes Celine Duvoisin likes lifting weights. Why?

“Because l like Gains,” the leader of Valhalla Bakery states plainly and with a smile.

Just eight months young, her business is all about Gains with a capital G. Valhalla’s neon pink on black flag has been hoisted ever frequently in Orlando, and lucky for us there’s little to suggest the Garden District will see less of it.

Duvoisin sailed out on her own this year, leaving her role as a manager at the Publix Bakery. Since then, she’s added some color to her hair and let more of her personality shine through her business.

“I was tired of working for the man,” says the Valhalla helmswoman. Don’t let the rainbow locks and indie spirit fool you. As her brand might suggest, Celine is a baking viking. Just a couple months in she steered the ship to uncharted waters and shifted the focus to strictly vegan upon realizing the lack of options for Orlando’s herbivores.

Every Monday she brings to Audubon a selection of dairy-free baked goods from key lime cupcakes with pillowy icing to a hearty cornbread great for wintertime soups.

If you are looking to accommodate all manner of diet this holiday season but still want to wow everyone at the table, put your pie orders in with Valhalla sooner than later. You won’t regret paying $25 for a 9” pie or $30 for 10” with unique flavors such as Chocolate Pecan & Coconut Custard. Just be prepared to explain to your friends the desserts you’ve brought do not contain dairy; they’re likely to be skeptical. Don’t be afraid though. Take courage in the fact that Duvoisin decided to do something different and it’s paid off.

You can find Valhalla Bakery at Audubon’s Market every Monday from 6-10pm. And Breaking News: they have a brick & mortar location on the horizon coming soon to the Milk District!

Put in your holiday pie orders here: orders@valhallabakery.com or visit the Audubon Market this Monday to speak with Celine in person.