Send Your Sweet Tooth to Valhalla

The Valhalla crew ready for vegan battle.

When she’s not baking delicious vegan cupcakes Celine Duvoisin likes lifting weights. Why?

“Because l like Gains,” the leader of Valhalla Bakery states plainly and with a smile.

Just eight months young, her business is all about Gains with a capital G. Valhalla’s neon pink on black flag has been hoisted ever frequently in Orlando, and lucky for us there’s little to suggest the Garden District will see less of it.

Duvoisin sailed out on her own this year, leaving her role as a manager at the Publix Bakery. Since then, she’s added some color to her hair and let more of her personality shine through her business.

“I was tired of working for the man,” says the Valhalla helmswoman. Don’t let the rainbow locks and indie spirit fool you. As her brand might suggest, Celine is a baking viking. Just a couple months in she steered the ship to uncharted waters and shifted the focus to strictly vegan upon realizing the lack of options for Orlando’s herbivores.

Every Monday she brings to Audubon a selection of dairy-free baked goods from key lime cupcakes with pillowy icing to a hearty cornbread great for wintertime soups.

If you are looking to accommodate all manner of diet this holiday season but still want to wow everyone at the table, put your pie orders in with Valhalla sooner than later. You won’t regret paying $25 for a 9” pie or $30 for 10” with unique flavors such as Chocolate Pecan & Coconut Custard. Just be prepared to explain to your friends the desserts you’ve brought do not contain dairy; they’re likely to be skeptical. Don’t be afraid though. Take courage in the fact that Duvoisin decided to do something different and it’s paid off.

You can find Valhalla Bakery at Audubon’s Market every Monday from 6-10pm. And Breaking News: they have a brick & mortar location on the horizon coming soon to the Milk District!

Put in your holiday pie orders here: or visit the Audubon Market this Monday to speak with Celine in person.