Happy National Farmers Market Week!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all tonight to celebrate National Farmers Market Week. Farmers Markets are a great way to bring community together, connecting growers, producers, neighbors, artists, and everyone else in one fabulous place! We’ll have all the usual goodness tonight, plus some special extras to mark this special occasion. Be sure to visit the authors of Field to Feast (an awesome cookbook that chronicles many of Florida’s wonderful farmers & chefs) for samples and book signings.  I personally love this book and like to keep it on my coffee table because it does such a wonderful job of showing off Florida’s food communities.  We’ll also have a knife sharpener at the market tonight, so be sure to bring along your favorite knives (serrated ones, too!) to get sharpened by an expert.  Most importantly though, we’ll all be gathering together around food and community, and that’s what farmers markets are really about!  See ya’ll there!