Sereniteas Teaches Earthy Health

By and large, we are all thankful for the benefits of modern medicine. That said, most of us understand that the health industry surrounding it is by no means unassailable. Many of us learned this struggling to pay an out of pocket insurance bill, or even worse, seeing a loved one struggle with the effects of broadside and sometimes very drastic pharmaceuticals. Toni saw her father pass away because of complications with prescription medication, and it was at that point she decided she would devote herself to providing people with the herbal remedies and natural solutions that have nurtured life since time immemorial.

Based in Plant City, Sereniteas & Soothers is Toni’s one-woman operation canvassing Central Florida farmers’ market and bringing natural succour to consumers in search of better health, or maintaining a strong immune system. One of the biggest challenges for the sole proprietor is keeping up with demand; luckily, Toni has spunk in spades.


“Now that folks are waking up to what is being done to their food,
the need for my products has tripled. But hey, I don’t mind,” says the fourth-generation healer.

Selling tea blends, salves, and fresh juices made from local organic produce, Toni operates throughout the Tampa area; lucky for us she has made the trip to Audubon Park Community Market for four years running. “I love the vibe and the feel of this market,” Toni says. “I do several a week, but I look forward to Audubon the most. The people are amazing.”

In these pollen-heavy seasons, we can’t help but appreciate this effort by such an expert natural tea and tisane curator (she made her first blend when she was nine years old!).

The growing popularity of natural remedies in a time of conscientious consumption does a lot for the argument that every problem caused by nature has a natural solution.

To avoid getting stung by the side-effects of all the beautiful pollination that happens in Spring, try the Sereniteas Cold & Allergease or as a sturdy preventative measure steep some of the Super B blend – a third-generation recipe. If you’ve ever put been put out of commission by a benadryl, consider keeping your focus and turning to an herbal fix that transcends age and trend.

“I want to teach that natural remedies are here for a reason,” Toni says. “All the plants I use were put here for us to use.

You can put Toni’s living, ancestral knowledge to the test every Monday from 6-10pm at the Audubon Market.