Peak Season is Upon Us!

The team at the Audubon Park Community Market loves this time of year!  The season is changing; cooler breezes and perfect evening weather make for lovely market nights.  And with the arrival of this weather comes the arrival of some of the best variety of locally grown crops here in Florida.  We’re welcoming new and returning farmers to the market tonight, with lots of options for stocking up on healthy, delicious food.  This evening you’ll find fresh-picked salad greens, mature greens for cooking, squashes, root veggies and more.  Add fresh local dairy, responsibly-sourced meats, fresh baked bread, gourmet butter, handmade sauces, and more, and you’ve got quite the haul of local goodness!
See us tonight, and every Monday night, at Stardust Video & Coffee in the Audubon Park Garden District!