Fourth of July Shopping List

Fourth of July is THIS SATURDAY everyone! Make your celebrations of the highest quality with local ingredients and be careful who you give the fireworks to. Take a look at the list below for culinary inspiration.  These Audubon Market vendors have you covered.

Be safe this weekend and Be kind to your body always. Check us out tonight, the storms will be done by 6pm, and after that it will be a cool, breezy market until 10pm!


Ozark Dreams – spicy dills, salsas and spreads, these pickles made from local produce are amazing and a must-have at your BBQ.

Wild Ocean Seafood – Seatrout, Mullet, Royal Reds, and Smoked Fish Dip. Cinthia has all of the cooking tips to make dishes your friends will never forget. Ceviche recipe here.

Buttermilk Bakery  – Amazing pastries like their artisanal pop-tarts. Their blueberry jam recipe should come in handy.

You’re going to be grilling, a sharp knife is crucial. Chef’s Edge has you covered.

My Yard Farm has Lake Meadow Naturals Eggs. These eggs in Deviled form will crush all opponents.


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