Farm-to-Your-Dining-Room-Table Cuisine

This might take a lot of will & imagination, but for a second, just stop what you’re doing and pretend that Boston Market isn’t a consistently disappointing pile of junk. Their rotini-mac isn’t neon, chicken not soggy, cornbread not a butter brick. Visualize that they’re actually churning out good meals that don’t lead to heartburn. Suspend your disbelief further and ask, “What if they not only actually delivered on their promise of quality, home-cooked fare, but if they also just delivered?”

It’s getting pretty fantastical, we know. Throw in the use of good local product and recyclable materials and we’re getting into fever-dream territory.

But wait, Orlando: It’s not a dream. This is a real business and it’s definitely not Boston Market. Welcome to the culinary scene, Farm-Haus.


For a long time, if Audubon and the surrounding neighborhoods wanted a quality home-made meal they had to spend two hours preparing it. Those days are important and obviously we at Audubon Market believe they are essential to a complete, healthy lifestyle. That said, this isn’t Little House on the Prairie. We have computers now, and they tend to be as distracting as they are helpful. So the next time you’re in between emails and you realize you probably won’t be making a grocery run today, holler at Farm-Haus. They very cleverly made it their job to prepare and deliver quality dinners for Audubon, Mills50, Colonialtown North and Baldwin Park. Whether roasting an eggplant to a perfect salty-sweetness or cutting a zucchini french-style, they take extra special care in their work and we are ecstatic about having such passionate individuals at our market.



Brittany and Patrick Lyne first got into the culinary world in college, where they shared a love for good food, both in taste and quality. Patrick worked as a cook in kitchens growing up and throughout college, whereas Brittany focused on the health component of food, attending several trainings and seminars as the President of Colleges Against Cancer and leading her school’s Relay for Life. After college, both pursued careers in their fields, with Patrick taking a detour into Financial Services and Sales, and Brittany eventually starting her own freelance communications consulting business. Being “busy” working professionals with little time to spend in the kitchen, Brittany and Patrick started to dream up a concept in which a slow-fast food company would deliver ready to eat meals at the click of a button. Something that sounded like a dream, but the more they talked about it, the more real it became. It was then that the concept, Farm-Haus, was born.

They deliver delicious meals Monday through Thursday, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Want dinner tonight? All you have to do is order your meal before 5pm daily to have dinner delivered to your door that very night. This week’s fare alone includes Korean BBQ with kimchi fried rice, Bourbon & Cola Meatloaf with whipped potatoes and collards, and a local sweet potato and plantain burrito for Meatless Mondays. Adults and kid-sized portions are available with desserts, as well, such as their scrumptious lemon-basil blueberry handpies. 

You can view this week’s menu and place your order at Farm-Haus’ website here:

If you haven’t high-tailed it over to their site already, and you know someone who deserves a quality meal delivered to them – maybe a new Mom & Dad, a Mother of three or someone on a 60-hour work week – you can also gift a meal through the Farm-haus site here: 

All meals are created in-house at East End Market by the newest member of the Farm-Haus team, Chef Julian De Garden. Chef De Garden is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York. Prior to Farm-Haus, he worked at other local good food restaurants including Smiling Bison and The Ravenous Pig. His focus is to take high-quality, interesting ingredients, and to highlight their natural flavors for the customer—something that directly aligns with the values of Farm-Haus.






The Farm-Haus crew is a strong addition to the local slow food scene; come see them every Monday at the Audubon Park Community Market to pick up a ready-to-eat meal and to shop additional finds with our other local vendors. They put quality first, and we couldn’t be more delighted to see them using local producers, particularly the greenest greens of Audubon’s most sustainable vendor—Fleet Farming.

 Yes, this all seems a bit too good to be true, but once local crooner and food ambassador for Farm-Haus, Dan Hanson, saunters up to your doorstep to deliver you freshly hand-crafted Farm-Haus meal, things will fast become real… and real delicious. Meet Brittany and Patrick in person every Monday night at Audubon Market, to find out more about their food philosophy and gain pointers on cooking quality, local ingredients.