Choose Quality with Orlando Meats

Edgar Massoni of Orlando Meats, a family business named after Edgar's grandfather Orlando.

When most of us think Farmers’ Markets we think of kale. And that’s great because Kale – perfect for stirfries, stews and smoothies – is the backbone of local produce and it offers delicious nutrients. Plus it’s in part responsible for this.

Shout out to West Elm!

Amazingly, the Audubon Park Monday Night Market is much more than vital, locally-grown veggies. Did you know you can beef up your diet with delicious local meats, as well?

Orlando Meats has everything from lamb chops to grass-fed beef, bacon as well as South American cuts of beef such as the flavorful Picanha and tender Vacio.

Edgar Massoni got into the meat business two years ago, working with his pops, and naming the company after his grandfather, Orlando Massoni. He quickly shifted to locally-raised meats. “I learned more about the business, linked up with some ranchers from Ocala and it took off from there. Now I’m pretty much doing exclusively local meats.”

That’s one thing that separates the Massoni’s business from your average supermarket, but there are plenty reasons more to ditch the big butchers. “It’s 100% grass-fed beef. Everything is pasture-raised, free-range. No hormones or antibiotics,” says Edgar. “The way the animals are raised is a big difference. It adds to the flavor and the quality.”

As for his favorite? “Ribye steak. It’s just got a good tenderness, nice marbling. Always flavorful cut of steak – inch and a half thick, salt & pepper – that’s all you need.”

What about the most under-rated meat to impress friends?

““I think goat is really good. I sell quite a bit of it but most people are kind of wary of it / haven’t tried it,” Edgar says. “I have it every couple of weeks. Curried goat seems to be the best way to go. It’s good red meat. It has a lot of protein, low fat content compared to other meats. Pretty healthy.”

Orlando Meats has all the classics too – good, hearty holiday options to feed a big group like standing rib roast, whole pork tenderloin, or leg of lamb. Put your pre-orders in today by calling 407-598-0700.

Or visit Edgar at the market every Monday. He can walk you through the steps to making your bowl game celebrations epic. He recommends roasting a whole pig. Did somebody say whole pig. Oh KALE yeah!

Skirt steak & sausage. Yum. Learn more at