01/15/18 At the Market Tonight

It's Market Monday.

Happy Monday!  It's a little chilly out, but we're grateful for the sunshine we're getting today.  We've been floored by the gorgeous abundance our farmers have been bringing to market so far this year. I've been enjoying roasted root veggies, fresh salads, perfect brussels sprouts, and savory soups made with my haul from last week's market! Gnome Grown will be returning after a little winter setback, with fresh microgreens that make great additions to salads, smoothies, and more.  

I'd also like to welcome our newest vendor, Orlando City Kombucha.  They'll be joining us tonight, with refillable growlers and Kombuchas by the glass.  Be sure to give them a warm welcome as you stock up on goodies tonight!

Hope to see you at the market!


Gabby Lothrop
Market Director

Here's our vendor lineup for tonight:

Art by Chelsea
Original copper plate etchings and prints by local artist Chelsea Smith. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Comfort Food Co. 
Assorted savory breads and other baked goods, all from scratch.

Enamored with Nature
No-nonsense, allergy-friendly foods and personal care items made with whole ingredients.  (Facebook/Instagram)

Farm Fresh Raw Foods
Specializing in Florida-grown fruits and nuts, primarily from Certified Organic Health & Happiness Farm

Fleet Farming
A hyper-local, bike-powered urban farming program + A small-scale distributed agriculture system. (Facebook/Instagram)

Gaia Granola *NEW
Gourmet granola in various flavors, made with all-organic, high quality, unrefined ingredients for the best nutrition and taste. Packaged minimally for on-the-go, travel-sized snacking. 

Gnome Grown *NEW
Greenhouse-grown wheatgrass and microgreens in staggering varieties. (Facebook)

Green Flamingo Organics *NEW
A sustainable farm in New Smyrna dedicated to bringing delicious veggies to the local community.  CSA memberships available! (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Heart of Christmas Farm
Hydroponic veggies, raw milk and raw milk cheeses, local honey, and more. (Facebook)

Heartsong Naturals
Handmade soaps, body care products, and candles boasting natural ingredients and wonderful fragrances.(Facebook/Instagram)

JJ Juice
Locally- and Freshly-made aloe vitality drink, aloe plants, and more.  (Website/Instagram)

Keely Farms Dairy
Raw Milk, Yogurt, and Cheeses; heritage pork, and farmstead goods from a pristine 100 acre farm in New Smyrna. (Website/Facebook)  

Manna International Street Food
Authentic Ugandan street food made with the best ingredients and love.

New Growth Urban Farm
A multi-site urban Orlando farm, we specialize in big growing in small spaces. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Noo Cow
Dairy-free ice cream and other vegan-friendly goods.  (Facebook)

Orlando City Kombucha *NEW
Locally-brewed, high quality kombucha available by the glass and in refillable bottles & growlers. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Pesto Diva
Authentic Italian pestos in a variety of flavors - all made without the use of preservatives, all gluten-free.  Vegan options available.  (Facebook/Instagram)

Pilgrim's Porch *NEW
A lovely local company offering small-batch, freshly roasted coffee beans, sourdough bread, and gluten-free baked goods. (Website/Facebook/Instagram

Sweet Utopian
Handcrafted specialty items including alternative milks and baked goods. All items are gluten-free, vegan, and locally sourced when possible. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Tamale Co. 
Handmade, gluten-free tamales made with fresh ingredients, along with signature salsas & sauces. Available fresh-frozen to take home. (Website/Facebook/Instagram)

Temple Tea *NEW
Farm-direct, sustainably grown teas, hand-blended and served with love. (Instagram)   

Wild Ocean Seafood
Wild-caught seafood, fresh from Florida's waters. Pre-orders only; check in with their booth to get in the loop. (Facebook/Instagram)

Happy Goats at Slow Turtle Farm

Earlier this month, Assistant Market Manager Ivy and I paid a visit to Slow Turtle Farm in Eustis.  Farmer Carol Peters and her husband own this little slice of paradise just a short drive from downtown Orlando, where they raise and breed a variety of dairy goats, Gulf Coast Native Sheep, chickens, ducks, and the occasional hog.  Carol loves her livestock, and they love her too.  During our visit, the goats followed her around the property, looking for treats, pats on the head, and ear scratches.  Carol raises Saanen, Nubian, and La Mancha Goats, all carefully selected and bred for the best quality milk production.  As her breeding program has grown, so have the prizes at agricultural shows.  This helps her sell extra bucks and does for top dollar, contributing to the farm’s business model. On our visit, we learned a lot about the work involved with raising and breeding goats, from pasture management to daily milking, hoof-trimming to birthing. As we walked through the pasture, Carol identified each goat by name, and could tell us his or her entire family tree.

Carol and her husband are hard at work to build out the facilities to make their farm a USDA Grade A dairy, where they’ll be able to produce a variety of fresh and aged goat milk cheeses for sale to consumers, retailers and restaurants.  This sort of achievement requires a major investment of time and money, especially for a small farmer, but Slow Turtle Farm is in it for the long haul.  For now, they are perfecting their recipes and developing a following, so that their signature products will be ready for success.  Carol currently produces a variety of raw milk cheeses,* including fresh and flavored chevres*, fetas*, and her signature Purple Turtle; a bloomy cheese aged in an ash rind.  These, along with fresh goat milk* and kefir* are available for direct sales at the market each week.  In addition to making cheese, Carol often spins yarn made from her own sheep’s wool, makes farmstead products such as preserves

This time of year, you’re likely to meet one of Carol’s future employees at her market booth.  With kidding season well under way, the Slow Turtle Booth at the market usually includes one of the newest baby goats.  These goats are raised to work with and be around people, so visits are encouraged!

You can follow Slow Turtle Farm on Facebook for the latest news, and stop by the market to meet the farmer in person!


*As required by the Federal Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Florida Statute 502.091, which forbid the sale of unpasturized milk products for human consumption, this farm’s products are labeled: “Not for Human Consumption” and sold as “Feed for Animals.” 

SNAP/EBT + Fresh Access Bucks = More Good Food For ALL

We’re excited to announce that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits are now accepted by many of our vendors, with double-dollar benefits available through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Fresh Access Bucks makes fresh, local produce more affordable and accessible to low income families while supporting Florida’s farmers and enhancing our local economies. It does so by increasing the purchasing power of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants by providing a one-to-one match for Florida grown fruits and vegetables. A SNAP cardholder who spends $10 of their SNAP benefits at a participating market receives an additional $10 to purchase fresh, local produce.

Fresh Access Bucks will double spending power on Florida-grown fruits, vegetables, and edible starter plants. We are excited to expand access and opportunities for members of the community and farmers alike!  It means more people eating locally and supporting the local economy.  Stop by our headquarters booth at the market for more information.


Peak Season is Upon Us!

The team at the Audubon Park Community Market loves this time of year!  The season is changing; cooler breezes and perfect evening weather make for lovely market nights.  And with the arrival of this weather comes the arrival of some of the best variety of locally grown crops here in Florida.  We’re welcoming new and returning farmers to the market tonight, with lots of options for stocking up on healthy, delicious food.  This evening you’ll find fresh-picked salad greens, mature greens for cooking, squashes, root veggies and more.  Add fresh local dairy, responsibly-sourced meats, fresh baked bread, gourmet butter, handmade sauces, and more, and you’ve got quite the haul of local goodness!
See us tonight, and every Monday night, at Stardust Video & Coffee in the Audubon Park Garden District!

Trick or Treat at the Market!

Join us at the market for family-friendly trick-or-treating! Farmers Market vendors will offer treats at their booths, with over 20 stops for our little haunts to visit. Dine al fresco while your family makes the rounds, and stock up on your local staples all in the same place! We’ll be giving out prizes for awesome costumes. Teal Pumpkin-friendly items available as well!
Our vendor list for tonight is available in the weekly newsletter.  See you at the market!
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At the Market Tonight - August 22, 2016

It’s a sunny day and we’re looking forward to reconnecting at this evening’s market.  Lots of great dinner options tonight, from Leguminati & Dixie Dharma, The Wandering Wonton, Authentic Empanadas, Tamale Co., Stardust Video & Coffee, and Wild Ocean now featuring Kappo!
You can dine al fresco before you shop for local staples to stock your fridge and pantry.

Full vendor lineup is available in the newsletter.

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At the Market Tonight - August 15, 2016

It’s a hot one, but so far it’s not a rainy one.  Cool down with refreshments from Stardust, Winter Park Seltzer, and Yum Yum Pops while you shop and dine at tonight’s market!
Tonight’s vendor lineup, specials, and more are listed in this week’s newsletter.



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Always Rain or Shine!

It’s another drizzly summer evening, but we’re still here for ya!  Dinner options from Stardust Video & Coffee, Tamale Co, and The Wandering Wonton.  Lots of local goodies from Sugar Rush Marshmallows, Flour Life Bakery, Cocoa Brothers, Tehila Bakery, Natural Goodness, and JJ’s Juice.  Local produce, meat and dairy from Keely Farms Dairy, Azalea Acres Farm, Slow Turtle Farm, Orlando Meats, and Heart of Christmas.  And you can still pick up your seafood order from Wild Ocean Seafood.  Grab an umbrella and pay our fine friends a visit!